25 Wedding Hotels, Govt Offices to Work on Capacity 15%

Mumbai: In the wake of the increasing Coronavirus outbreaks, the Maharashtra government has announced tougher COVID-19 curbs starting on Thursday, April 22. The announcement on tougher curbs was made to cover the state’s worst-hit spiral Coronavirus outbreak in the country from part of the total COVID-19 numbers. The government did not take a complete lockdown route but has adopted tougher curbs including capped marriage ceremonies and presence in all private and government offices (center and state). Further, the government has also regulated inter-city travel or inter-bus travel among other things. The new restrictions under the government’s ‘Break the Chain’ program will come into effect from Thursday 8 pm and will remain in effect until 7 am on May 1. Below is a full list of restrictions that will takes effect from (8 PM) Thursday. Also Read – Maharashtra Imposes More Restrictions From Tomorrow, Allows Govt Offices To Act On Capacity 15%

Curbs Checklist Here:

  1. A wedding-related conglomerate is capped at 25. Furthermore, a wedding needs to take place as a single event in a single hall that does not extend beyond 2 hours. Breach of this rule can attract a fine of ₹ 5 0,000.
  2. Private transport is allowed for emergency or essential services only. The driver will need valid reasons.
  3. Government / private offices have been ordered to work at 15% capacity.
  4. Private buses can instruct with 50 percent seating with no standing passengers.
  5. Private bus service operators have been advised to make inter-city or inter-area travel with no more than two city stops.
  6. Only local government, medical personnel, people in need of medical treatment, people who are disabled will have access to Mumbai’s local services. The government had tightened the rules on April 13, saying that only those working in the essential services can travel on Mumbai locally.
  7. Government-owned buses can instruct with 50 percent seating capacity with no fixed passengers.
  8. The local disaster management authority can obtain information on long-distance train or bus passengers and stamp them with a `home quarantine ‘tag.
  9. It can also screen travelers using thermal scanners and those with fever or other coronavirus-like symptoms can be moved to local corona care centers or hospitals

Maharashtra counts the highest one-day COVID-19 cases in the country. Maharashtra today reported 67,468 new COVID-19 cases and 568 deaths. A total of 54,985 people recovered from the disease in the last 24 hours. Cumulative infections in the state are 40,27,827, with 6,95,747 active cases.