A twist in the Eluru strange disease affair .. A month ago, the victims of those two causes

© Telugu Time provided by West Godavari District Eluru People are being trafficked with a strange disease. Although he is recovering immediately due to illness .. the locals are not afraid. The number of victims has been greatly reduced. As of Wednesday, 18 people had been hospitalized with symptoms such as epilepsy and vomiting. There were no new cases after that. This brings the total to 587. Of these, 511 recovered and went home. 43 people are being treated at Eluru District Hospital. 33 people were shifted to Vijayawada for better treatment. New cases have been registered in Lankapeta, Amudala Appalaswamy Colony and Bhimadolu areas. Precautionary medical camps were set up in the city. Victims with basic symptoms and low severity of the disease are given first aid in these camps. Authorities say beds, ambulances and medical camps will continue in the hospital as the number of victims decreases. People with suspected symptoms are being identified through a household survey. Officials including the Collector are reviewing the situation from time to time. On the other hand interesting things are known about this strange disease. Locals say cases with similar symptoms are coming up before Diwali in South Street, Tangellamoodi and Arrumpeta areas of Eluru. Some came to private doctors with symptoms such as dizziness and headaches. It is said that one or two came a day on South Street. Some people say that drinking milk is the cause of milk. Since the onset of the disease, the demand for purified fresh water has increased. Traders who previously sold 5 cans a day are now selling up to 15. Locals suspect that this is due to water and milk.


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