Afghan Taliban Chief Mansour Purchased Life Insurance In Pakistan Before US Drone Strike Killed Him: Report

Islamabad: Assassinated Afghan Taliban Chief Mullah Akhtar Mansour purchased a life insurance policy using a false identity in Pakistan and paid 3 lakh rupees in premium before dying in a US drone attack, according to a media report on Sunday. Mansour, who was killed in a US drone strike along the Pakistan-Iran border on May 21, 2016, assumed leadership of the Taliban in July 2015, replacing its founder and lone spiritual leader. and one-eyed Mullah Mohammad Omar, who died in 2013.

Details about the insurance policy were revealed during a terrorism financing case hearing against him and his fugitive accomplices on Saturday. The insurance company provided this information to an Anti-Terrorism Tribunal (ATC) in Karachi during the hearing of the case registered against Mansour and his accomplices by the Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) last year, Dawn News reported.

During the investigation, it became known that the Taliban leader and his accomplices were involved in generating funds for terrorist activities by purchasing property on the basis of forged identities. He had bought five properties, including parcels and houses, valued at Rs 32 million (US $ 1.99,812) in Karachi.

The report said that it emerged during the investigation that Mullah Akhtar Mansour had purchased the life insurance policy using a false identity and had paid up to Rs 300,000 to the company before his death in the drone strike on May 21, 2016. While showed goodwill To return the principal amount it had paid, the insurance company had presented a check for Rs 300,000 to investigators for deposit with the court so that the amount would be deposited in the government treasury, according to the report cited by sources.

However, the FIA ​​investigators returned the check asking the company to pay the principal amount along with the premium so that the full amount can be deposited into the government treasury, they said. On Saturday, the insurance company deposited a check for Rs 350,000 with the court, which on September 24 ordered the company to deposit the amount paid by the slain Taliban leader for his life insurance policy.

Furthermore, in a court order, a property owned by Mullah Mansour in Karachi was auctioned for Rs 92,00,000 and the amount deposited with the court for deposit in the government treasury, they said. Sources said arrest warrants were reissued without bail for the arrest of Quetta and Peshawar Mukhtiarkars (land rental officials) for failing to appear in court to present their respective reports on whether the Taliban leader and his accomplices also owned property. in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Previously, the court had ordered the Peshawar and Quetta authorities to suspend the salaries of the two officers for not submitting their reports despite the court’s instructions. The judge also requested reports from two private banks on the accounts allegedly obtained and operated by the Afghan Taliban leader and / or his accomplices, along with details of the money deposited / traded through them, the report added.

In 2016, then-US President Barack Obama confirmed that Mansour was killed in the US drone strike in southwestern Pakistan’s Baluchistan province, praising his death as an “important milestone” in efforts. for bringing peace to war-torn Afghanistan. He was issued a Pakistani national identity card in 2005, according to reports from 2016.