Akshay wants to do it yourself in Hindi too


Akshay wants to do it yourself in Hindi too

Not only Telugu stories … Telugu talent is also making its mark in the Hindi industry. That is why our films are being widely remade there. Our captains are making successful movies there. Our ‘Bhagamati’ story went to Hindi under the name ‘Durgamati’. Bollywood hero Akshay Kumar was mesmerized and owned and produced this story. Our Telugu director screened there. G. Ashok, who received success in Telugu with his films ‘Pilla Zamindar’ and ‘Bhagamati’, is also trying to make a name for himself in Hindi. ‘Durgamati’ starring Bhoomi Pednekar will be released on Amazon Prime video on the 11th of this month. On this occasion, ‘Eenadu Cinema’ captivated with G. Ashok. These are the things …
“Giving and receiving stories has been around for generations. Who would want to date a person who can’t even spell his name correctly? Currently, Telugu and Tamil stories from the South are being widely remade in Hindi. The cost of producing a movie here has skyrocketed. Producers who fall short of that want a safe journey. Melanie believes that a good story is a proven story. That is why more remake movies are being made. Must be able to tell stories that fit the Nativity
Results ”

* “The Hindi film industry is nothing new to me. It felt like we were making another movie, correcting the mistake we had made. The protagonist without the feeling of coming to a new industry and making a movie
Akshay Kumar has created an atmosphere for me as a good producer. That is why he and I are completely satisfied with the formation of ‘Durgamati’. ‘Bhagamati’ had a special impact on the audience not only in terms of story but also visually. We did not promote ourselves and take this film to Hindi. Otherwise, it is not a film made by our producers. Heard the sound the film made in the South, came from Hindi and bought the remake rights. Akshay Kumar, Bhushan Kumar … all of them have a lot of experience in the film industry. Akshay Kumar called himself and said, ‘It would be good if you make this movie in Hindi.’ That is how my first Hindi film dream came true ”.

* “Anushka has no plans to do ‘Bhagamati’ in Hindi. She is not so keen to do the movie and character she once did again. But there was a mention of a Hindi remake between the two of us at the time. Anushka says it would be good to make this film in Hindi. When Akshay took over the rights to the film, we thought about the heroines. Akshay says that if you look at the five and finally Bhoomi Pednekar, the story pulls well. Moya knows very well how to tell the heroine priority stories to the earth. Even the big stars are getting good publicity for this movie but … land is the right choice for the role. The character has a lot of colors and the graph is changing ”.
* “While doing ‘Durgamati’ in Hindi, I lost the opportunity to do a film in Telugu with a top hero. But soon a movie will be made in Telugu and Tamil languages. Before that, two films have to be completed in Hindi. A Hindi film will start next month. When a top protagonist in Telugu told me to make a film like ‘Pilla Zamindar’, I prepared a short story for it ”.

“Nativity changes from one language to another. The audience’s thoughts and their preferences are different. Definitely changes have to be made accordingly. Made a lot of changes to ‘Durgamati’ compared to ‘Bhagamati’ movie. Unless the story is moving, and everything else is changing, it feels like a new movie has been made. No matter how many changes have taken place from ‘Dabangg’ to ‘Gabbarsingh’, all the changes can be seen in our film.