All express trains, including festival specials, should operate as fully booked trains only, Indian Railways clarifies

New Delhi: The Railways Ministry on Sunday annulled media reports on issuing tickets without reservation

“There has been no change in the policy to run all express trains, including festival specials and cloning specials, as fully booked trains so far,” the ministry clarified in an official statement.

“Accordingly, until, for further information, existing express mail special trains, including festival / holiday specials, cloning specials that run on full reserve (as of date) will continue as fully booked, by ticketing reserved for second-class coaches and passengers part of the SLRs as well, “the ministry further said.

The ministry said the permission granted to Zonal Railways to issue tickets without reservation is intended only for suburban and a limited number of local passenger trains operating in some areas.

“The operation of trains, travel regulations and reservations are constantly evolving under Covid times. Additional changes, when they occur, will be informed to all concerned accordingly,” the ministry said.

Currently, the railways are operating 736 special trains, 200 Kolkata Metro services, more than 2,000 Mumbai suburban services and 20 special clone trains.

The railways had suspended all passenger train services since the start of the shutdown on March 24.

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