Amazon‌ invests in Apollo Pharmacy!

© Namaste Posted by Telangana Amazon‌ Invest in Apollo Pharmacy! Bangalore: Amazon, which has made its mark in the domestic e-commerce sector, has recently focused on opportunities in the pharmaceutical business. It is understood that Apollo will invest about $ 10 billion (Rs 740 crore) in the pharmacy as part of its drive to seize these opportunities. It is learned that the ongoing talks between the two companies in this regard have reached a final stage. Amazon and the Apollo Group declined to comment. Reliance is competing with Tatas. Reliance Industries is collapsing if it lays grass between Amazon. The dispute between the two companies over the futures retail acquisition has already gone to court. It is in this context that Amazon seems to be focusing on Apollo Pharmacy to put a check on Reliance in the pharmaceutical business. Along with Reliance, the Tata Group is also focusing on the domestic pharma sector, which is experiencing the highest growth due to the Corona. The Tata Group has acquired a majority stake in online pharmacy company ‘1MG’.


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