Amazon wants to train 29 million people to work in the cloud

Amazon announced an effort Thursday aimed at helping 29 million people around the world retrain by 2025, giving them new skills for cloud computing roles as the pandemic changes many careers.

The online giant committed $ 700 million last year to retrain 100,000 of its own workers in the U.S. The new effort will build on existing programs and include new ones in partnership with nonprofits, schools and others.

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Amazon’s latest initiative is aimed at those who are not yet employed by the company. The idea, he says, is to equip people with the education needed to work in cloud computing at a number of employers looking to fill high-tech positions. While some participants may find work at Amazon, they are more likely to be hired at other companies, including many that use Amazon Web Services, the online retailer’s cloud division.

The free training could help those looking to prepare for entry-level support positions or help existing engineers broaden their expertise in areas like machine learning or cybersecurity, the company says.

Teresa Carlson, vice president of Amazon Web Services, says the company hears almost daily from its customers that they can’t find the right people for technical positions as many organizations move their applications and processes to the cloud.

“We need our clients to have the right skills if they are to go through a digital transformation,” he said.

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