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With the Bollywood entry, two movies in a row have the opportunity to do the same hero Actress Amrin QureshiHis daughter Amrin enters Bollywood in the remake of Mama, which is being produced by renowned producer Shahid Qureshi.

Bham will also be seen in the July remake later. Amrin Qureshi, a native of Hyderabad, came here as part of her movie shooting.

She shared many interesting things with the media on this occasion. - Bollywood heroine who became a big fan of Sai Pallavi-General-Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Himself Hyderabad girlNi says that she grew up watching Telugu movies from a young age. Allu Arjun is the most watched movie of heroes like Mahesh Babu and Prabhas. Bunny Dance That said, I like it a lot.

The entry says that she wants to be recognized as a star heroine in Telugu, even in Bollywood.

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Meanwhile himself Big fan of heroine Sai Pallavi Amrin Qureshi says that she likes dancing and acting very much Savitri, cosmetics She said that she wants to be recognized as a good actress. She clarified that opportunities are coming in Telugu, but she will give entry through a good project keeping in mind the dates.

Amrin Qureshi says that she likes dance and will definitely have her entry in Telugu next year. Amrin QureshiIn her interview, she shocked everyone by talking about Telugu movies about Telugu heroes, especially Sai Pallavi.

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