An experimental film on the life of a farmer in Tollywood .. Let the farmers raise their heads and turn around ..

© News18 Provided by Telugu “Experimental film on the life of farmers in Tollywood .. Let the farmers raise their heads and turn around ..” Currently, various experimental films are being screened in Tollywood. Most of the crime, horror and sex content is given priority by the director and producers. At a time like this, Hima Media Works and Village Film Corporations are working together to release a film on the life of a farmer. Recently, the first roar of the movie Adenandi teaser has been released. This teaser is also impressive. Look, in this world, without bowing your head .. Do you know what is the job that no one is afraid of .. The dialogue that Sudhakar holds the plow and says that agriculture is not good is to make the farmers stand up. Anjan Reddy, the director of this teaser in 38 scenes, said directly what he wanted to say. This is his first film as a director. It is not uncommon for such a subject to be screened with the first film. Jai Jawan .. Jai Kisan .. is a farmer who puts rice in line with the slogan … There is no proper support price for a crop that is harvested after six gallons of hard work. As a result, many farmer families are doing other things instead of doing farm work. Play video again Settings తప్ప Avoid Advertising The film was screened to guide governments to reassure the farmer at this time that the farmer is short-sighted. The title of the film will be announced soon. The film, which has already completed post-production, will soon reach the audience. Anjan Reddy, who has worked as a journalist in various fields, became a director with this film. Cinematography by Naveen Potluri. Shubhaleka Sudhakar played the lead role in the film, which was produced by Buchinayudu Kandriga fame Mihiransh Music. On the other hand, Sri Manas and Varun are playing the heroes in this movie. Marina Singh and Sahara Krishna acted as the heroines. Along with them, Bigg Boss fame Mahesh Vitta, Padma Jayanti and Madi have acted in other roles.


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