Android 12 DP3: Screenshot editor adds fonts, animation

As we investigate in depth the minutiae of the third Android 12 Developer Preview, we find more notable changes including the screenshot editor and markup tool.

We are not yet seeing the highly anticipated screen-scrolling option in Android 12 DP3, but you will have more options for editing your images. This expands on the changes first added in the Android 12 DP1 build, with further fonts now included for you to choose from, while the animation at launch of the editor has also been changed.

When tapping the “Edit” or “Share” buttons in Android 12 DP3, the animation is much smoother from the lower left preview window into the markup tool / screenshot editor or share sheet. A few changes like this you might not notice at first but help improve the liquidity of everyday use – especially on Pixel 4 and Pixel 5’s 90Hz displays.

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The text tool with the previous screenshot editor Android 12 DP1 and DP3 was initially limited to just one font, but now you have five options to choose from including cursive handwriting, bold, italic, typewriter, and lively style along with the standard Roboto font. . It’s not the most extensive list, but along with the ability to draw, you’ll probably have plenty of options to edit any screenshots you want to share.

Of note is the removal of the “Sticker” tab which contains the entire emoji list. We’re not sure if this is a temporary ban from the screenshot editor in Android 12, but it could be an annoying draw if you used it extensively before DP3.

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