Angered that her husband has remarried ..

She could not bear to have her husband remarry, not her. She could not bear the pain of her husband being away from her. For many years she harbored resentment against her husband. In this sequence .. the husband’s second wife brutally murdered two daughters. She later committed suicide. The incident took place in Nalgonda. The full details of the incident are as follows. Mekala Pradeep and Prasannarani (45) from Jubilee Hills Colony, Nalgonda are working as contract employees in the ICDS branch. Pradeep is currently working in Bhubaneswar and his wife Munugod. They were married in 1999. Son (20) and daughter (15). While .. Pradeep .. married another woman named Santa eight years ago without his wife’s knowledge. She has two daughters, Meghna (6) and Ruchari (4). Three years ago the matter of her husband’s second marriage came to the attention of the happy queen. Since then she has often been at loggerheads with her husband and his second wife. But .. she has been pretending to be good with her husband and his second wife for six months. In this order .. the husband, not himself .. knew that the second wife was stealing the house in Nalgonda and swayed even more angrily. In the process, she harbored resentment against her husband and his second wife, Shanta. In the process, Santa went home and, while she was away, hanged her two daughters and then committed suicide. ‘Dear Pradeep .. I got married for the second time. You had a 20-year-old son and wanted a second wife. Everyone in your family, including you, cheated on me in this matter. That is why any day you come into your life .. I am leaving on the same day. ‘ It is noteworthy that Prasannarani committed suicide by writing a letter. Prasanna Rani’s death and the killing of her stepdaughter’s two daughters caused a great stir locally.