Another record in Real Hero Sonu Sood account .. | Sonu Sood tops 50 Asian Celebrities in The World list, says I won t stop till my last breath

Real hero Sonu Sood has another rare record in his account. Sonu Sood has been ranked in the top 50 by a leading UK company. Sonu stood opposite the leading stars in Asia.

So much for the fact that … a UK company has done very well this year. A survey was conducted under the name of those who got a very positive name and those who went beyond the boundaries for good deeds. The survey made a list with details. Sonu Sood is also in the top 50 on that list.

During the Corona period, Sonu Sood helped many migrant workers. He arranged special buses for them and took them home too. He also arranged special flights for them in other countries. With that he became known as a real hero in the country. He also gave job opportunities to those who were unemployed due to corona.

But Sonu said of what he did during the corona .. ‘I understand one with the pandemic boom. I felt it was my duty to help the people of my country. “Thinking about them stops me until my last breath,” Sonu said.

Sonu has earned a special place in the country this year. People praised him as The Real Hero. In addition, the Punjab government has appointed Sonu Sood as the state youth icon.