AP High Court: The AP High Court has shocked the YS Jagan government. – ap high court serious comments on ysrcp government over mission ap build

The Andhra Pradesh High Court has once again fired the YCP government. Jagan asked the government key questions on the sale of land in the state. This time it was even more outraged. The High Court questioned the AP government as to whether there was any financial emergency in the country. The sale of land in the name of Mission Build AP was argued in the High Court on Friday. In this case, the state government is in a position to fund the assets? The court questioned the Jagan government. The AP High Court has also reacted strongly to the sale of liquor in the state. The High Court has ironically said that it should be thankful to Mandubabs who bought liquor at high prices and defended the welfare of the state at a time when the corona virus was rampant. The High Court said that the pro-government lawyer argued that the AP government was doing welfare programs in a way that no one else in the country was doing. Everyone knows how well you are doing. The High Court bench commented that the government was making high profits by selling liquor in AP. Meanwhile, 10 petitions were filed to prevent the sale of assets in the name of Mission Build AP. An inquiry was held on Friday and Jagan made harsh remarks against the government. The court then directed the government to file counterclaims and adjourned the case till December 17.Source