AP old song on Krishna river flood water use

Counting those 90 TMCs, AP told KRMB that the old song on water use during the flood days was indented to give 46 TMCs by the end of this year Hyderabad, Velugu: The AP did not include the use of 90.30 TMCs in the days when the Krishna River was flooded and all the project gates were raised and water was released into the sea. AP Irrigation ENC Narayana Reddy on Wednesday wrote a letter to KRMB Member Secretary DM Raipure. As on the seventh of this month, their state had consumed 318.10 TMC of water from various outlets. He said the Krishna River had been flooded this year and the project gates would be raised for 50 days in a row between August 22 and November 1. © V6 provided by Velugu stated that they should count 227.83 TMCs as their consumption excluding the water they used in those days. It is noteworthy that the AP ENCE decides how much water to exclude outlet-wise. Give another 46 TMCs In the letter, they asked for a release order for their state to use another 46 TMCs of water by the end of December. Nagarjunasagar has asked for 20 TMCs for the right canal, 5 for the left canal, 4 for the Potireddipadu, 4 for the HNS and 13 for the Krishna Delta system. They said they were asked to give 216 TMCs in the indent they had given earlier. 118 TMCs provided by Potireddipadu © V6 Velugu provided by AP A single Potireddipadu head regulator moves 118.26 TMCs of water. Of this, 76.87 TMCs were to be counted as consumption and 41.39 TMCs were to be excluded. 7.12 TMC from HNS, 3.26 TMC from Krishna Delta System, 33.30 from Sagar right canal and 5.23 TMC from left canal. Telangana consumption is only 54 TMCs .. From Srisailam, Nagarjunasagar‌‌ so far this year Telangana has used only 54.07 TMCs. Of this, the consumption of the state was only 18 TMCs on the days when the projects were surplus plus. Nagarjunasagar used 31.62 TMC through left canal, 14 for AMRP, 8.43 for drinking water from Hyderabad and 6.48 for Kalvakurthi. 15.41 TMC of water was pumped through the Jura project, 14.42 TMC through the Bhima and Koilsagar lifts. Taking into account the medium irrigation projects, Telangana has used 101 TMCs so far and AP has moved 374.30 TMCs.


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