ap ration card’s: Massive removal of ration cards in AP .. 8 lakh people in one go – ration card’s number reduced in andhra pradesh compared with last month?

The number of ration‌ cards in AP has decreased. 8.44 lakh cards were removed as on November 1. The number of cards across the state dropped from 1,52,70,000 to 1,44,26,000. 8.44 lakh cards were removed as compared to last month. While going for the goods and trying to put fingerprints on the ePass machines .. their details are not coming out. With this, cardholders who go for rations are asking dealers why they are giving rations last month and withholding this month. For those who have inquired about the reasons for deleting the cards, IT returns have emerged as the main reason. Volunteers say their rations have been withheld from income tax returns. Removed the cards of those earning more than Rs 10,000 per month in rural areas, more than Rs 12,000 per month in urban areas, those who own a family car, those who own more farmland and those who pay income tax. Officials say the cards will be revised if the cardholders submit their full details to the village / ward secretariats. The government has decided to issue new rice cards to replace the old ration cards as part of the YSR innovation. As part of this, the village and ward surveyed by volunteers and issued new cards. From April this year, the ration will be given through new rice cards. In the meantime the government withdrew the attempt with the arrival of the corona. The free ration distribution started from the time of lock down and continued till the end of November on the basis of old ration cards. From this month, the government has decided to set aside old ration cards and distribute essentials on newly issued rice cards. Now shocked by the removal of these cards. Source