Apex Legends Cheater Tufi is Awful of Remastered, Predator Players, and More

Respawn Entertainment is a beloved developer, one who is mostly synonymous with multiplayer games like Titanfall a Apex Legends. Unfortunately, it does not have the best reputation for server issues and hacking and cheating. Of course, that in itself is a lot to unpack, as many online multiplayer games often have cheating problems, and there always seems to be little that can be done to stop the most persistent on it. Respawn is aware of that Titanfall on PC, for example, has been practically unplayable for years due to hackers, and Apex Legends it certainly has its fair share.

For those who follow the best Apex Legends players in the world, typically those who compete in Ranked mode and managed to hit Predator (top 500 in the world), this conversation about cheating occurs frequently. There is a debate about those who do a great deal of the fact that they are cheating against the secret cheaters, but there seems to be one name that has been scary for players Predator, Respawn, and more with constant hacking and cheating. That name is Tufi.

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Apex Myths: Who’s Cheater Tufi?

If someone is not competing in the highest ranks of Apex, Tufi may have never been intimidated, but the same cannot be said for names like ImperialHal, NRG Rogue, and more. Being a top-tier streamer seems to make them a Tufi target, but the question becomes: who is it Apex Legends’ top hacker? There are a lot of tinfoil hat theories out there that have been passed around. Some think Tufi is a Respawn developer, some think he’s a cheat developer (to explain why he’s still escaping with it), and some think he’s some kind of vigilante cheats internet to help Respawn improve its servers by hacking them. himself.

In the words of J. Jonah Jameson, though, it is a threat to many. Some believe that Tufi is better than players who hide the fact that they are cheating, and yet that’s another conversation. Clips of players run into Tufi, with top-tier players reacting differently. Some want Respawn to take him down, while others try to pull him out. Unfortunately, it appears in lobby after lobbying and can be difficult to pull out due to the hacks.

There is not much definite information on Tufi, of course. What fans know is that its usernames will also include “Tufi” somehow and somehow. In an interview with iLootGames about a month ago, other notable details are revealed. Tufi seems to have been started intimidating European servers, it seems that Tufi’s native language is not English, and Tufi seems to be not a cheat developer, just someone who is very good with them. His motivation seems to be that, like a single player’s day Apex Legends, just for fun. Tufi suggests that the game is no longer fun without cheats, and because of the high profile nature of savers, their intimidation makes it even more fun.

Apex Legends: What Does Tufi Cheater Do to Terrorist High Site Players / Predators

While the face behind the name is a huge mystery, what it does not is. Tufi employs many types of cheats, hacks and glitches to terrorize, manipulate, and otherwise ruin games. Most recently, the Apex Legends The GLL Master’s tournament was postponed due to a DDOS attacks attack, and it seems that the servers were simply unable to host a game. Tufi seems to have taken credit for such an act indirectly and indirectly, with the clip above showing him sending a direct message to Shiv IN-GAME to mock the tournament just before the server closes.

At other times, perhaps more often, Tufi will load a level 1 account, move into the Apex Predator Lobby, and use various aiming hacks for laser teams without opposition. Reaching the top 500 players in the world is by no means an easy feat, so consistently finding one player using these cheats puts a lot of RP on the line. For some streamers, their skills are Apex Legends or streaming on Twitch is their livelihood, and what it does can directly affect that.

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As such, many top-tier streamers have taken to asking Tufi for Mercy, humiliating him by bouncing up and down, and doing what he wants. That can, of course, be hard to say sometimes, but for their own sake, high profile Apex myths streamers are forced to comply with a hacker. And only a couple of stories have been floated around or shown in clips about Tufi.

Tufi, in the interview above, has pointed out that he has to be a little sluggish with the hacks, because even with them, drawing teams like ImperialHal and Rogue’s is still a big achievement. Others try to avoid it or fight it, often in order to defeat themselves. One viral clip of Tufi feats has players backing on a squadmate who said they can’t do anything when “God” shows up, with the streamer boasting 90 damage on Tufi and making him “Bleed.” In short, wherever Tufi appears, no one is safe.

Why hasn’t he re-banned his ban

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Of course, with Tufi’s fame, the question becomes why Respawn has not interfered. In short, it has. Respawn has banned Tufi several times, with the figure doing tons of accounts with just “Tufi” in the name somewhere. This means that Tufi avoids IP bans, hardware bans, and all kinds of protocols in place to prevent fraud. Unfortunately, it is well known that most fraud prevention tools across many games can be avoided by someone who really wants to and knows how to do it well. This has only added to his status, adding to the rumors of how he is continually messing around with the game.

Perhaps, eventually, Respawn Entertainment or EA will be able to not only ban but prevent fraudsters and hackers permanently altogether. Respawn is aware of these issues and targeting, and a fan can expect an announcement on how it will deal with this, hopefully soon. It remains to be seen whether a new approach might work, as yet Titanfall have had this issue for some time, but no doubt many pro players would like to see Tufi’s reign of terror come to an end.

Apex Legends available now for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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