Apex Legends is coming to Android and iOS

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  • Respawn and EA have revealed Mobile Apex Legends for Android and iOS.
  • The battle royale title offers touch-friendly calculations and ‘optimizations’.
  • Beta starts in late April for India and Philippines, with more players gaining entry later.

Mobile battle royale shooters like Fortnite a PUBG Portable now I have another big opponent. Respawn and EA have presented Mobile Apex Legends, a phone-friendly version of the Titanfalla one-off final game based on Android and iOS.

The developer was shy about the full details of how Mobile Apex Legends unlike its console and PC counterparts. However, Chad Grenier from Respawn promised specially designed touchscreen controls and “thoughtful optimizations” for smaller screens. It would be new, yet “true to the original,” he said.

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The game will remain free-to-play, with no paid items that give competitive players an advantage. You can expect some unique Battle Tickets, make-up and unlock. Don’t expect to compete against other platforms using Mobile Apex Legends, but. Since it is specifically designed for mobile, you will not find cross play with console or PC players.

Grenier also noted that Respawn has an in-house team working on it Mobile Apex Legends in collaboration with “other partners.” This is not a completely external project as some adaptations, that is.

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You may not have to wait long to play, depending on where you live. Regional betas start at the end of April, when Android “few thousand” players in India and Philippines get early access to Mobile Apex Legends. More regions, more iOS players and users will have access throughout 2021.

This is a potentially huge launch for the mobile world. Apex Legends he pioneered a few features now common in battle royale games (such as reviving dead fellow players), and has enjoyed steady growth that helped him reach a total of 100 million players earlier in April – comfortably above Call of Duty: Warzone75 million. Launch Mobile Apex Legends comes right when there’s enough interest, and could help it become an even bigger title by reaching out to people who couldn’t play before.