Apple Has Not Changed Magic Mouse Bottom Charging Port Location with New iMac M1 Unveiling

As much as customers love Apple changing the design of the M1 iMac while also using its custom silicone, they will equally hate that the company has stuck with the same approach when it comes to the accessories. No, we’re not talking about the new Magic Keyboard that now supports Touch ID, we’re referring to the Magic Mouse. If you thought Apple finally changed that horrible charging port location, well, you’d die wrong.

The only change here is that the magic mouse will come in the same colors as the redesigned iMac

Speaking to The Verge, Apple explained on the location of the Magic Mouse charging port, or the Magic Mouse 2, if we take actual model names. What that means is that when customers unblock their next shiny M1 iMac, they will notice that the mouse will need to be charged in the same way as they did on their previous generation iMacs. For the past five years, Apple hasn’t changed the location of the charging port, and it looks like the company will stick with the same design, for whatever reason.

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If it’s important to you, the Magic Mouse 2 will reach the same finish as the M1 iMac. If you remember, Apple will now offer seven different finishes for its latest ‘All in One’. Apple did not explain why it decided to keep the charging port location, but it certainly won’t stop customers from buying third-party wireless mice. At least with those purchases, you’ll be able to pick them up front and use them in unison.

Some latest wireless mice also support USB-C charging, so you won’t have to worry about carrying a separate cable. We do not know when Apple will go ahead with the latest trends, at least when its Mouse Magic 2 is in question. Hopefully, when a new iMac hits the market. Until then, you’re either using what you’re getting, or buying a different mouse.

News Source: The Verge