Apple shares two new “Behind the Mac” ads

After a bunch of new videos on its YouTube channel about the “Spring Loaded” event, Apple is sharing two new “Behind the Mac” ads about how Billie Eilish’s brother Finnneas creates songs using Mac and students going to college.

This is not the first advertisement Apple has released for college life. In early April, the company shared the Mac ad “New Beginnings” which focused on newly admitted college students.

In the 38-second ad called “Behind the Mac: Headed for College,” you can see a bunch of students with their MacBooks and iMacs receiving college admissions news.

With “Behind the Mac with FINNEAS,” Billie Eilish’s brother says the Mac is “the last tool I learned.”

In the three-minute ad, the musician goes through his method of creation and how Apple’s products help him.

For me, trying to make music on a computer feels like an inherently organic and live experience. It’s like not fixing everyone on their mistakes.

On Tuesday, Apple announced its fourth Mac with the M1 chip. The 24-inch iMac has seven different colors, a brand new design, and a matching Magic Keyboard, Mouse, and Trackpad for each color.

Until 2022, Apple will probably focus more on its computers, as the company is refreshing its entire lineup with its own processors.

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