Arya Banerjee Passes Away: Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Love Sex Aur Dhokha’ Actress | Hindi Movie News

Bollywood actress Arya Banerjee passed away at her residence in Kolkata on Friday. Her maid had informed the police that Banerjee could not be reached on her phone for a long time. Arya Banerjee was 35 years old and here is everything you need to know about the Bollywood actress.

-Actress and model Arya Banerjee was originally named Devdutta Banerjee

-She was the youngest daughter of the late Sitarista Pt Nikhil Banerjee.

-Arya Banerjee appeared in ‘Love Sex Aur Dhokha’, the director of Dibakar Banerjee hit the screens in 2010.

-She gained prominence with her portrayal of rehearsing Shakeela in the 2011 movie ‘The Dirty Picture’. Arya shared the frame with Vidya Balan in this film.

-Apart from Bollywood movies, Arya had also appeared in some modeling assignments and in 2014 appeared on a police television show.

Chandan Roy Sanyal recalled his time with Arya and shared in a Facebook post: “She gave me so many free passes and forced me to go to so many events and concerts because she felt out of place and wanted me to join her.” as if I was better, speaking classical music and watching people from a corner, she was a great cook and fed me and many of us with her food. ”

While Bollywood actress Bidita Bag had shared on Instagram that her senior Arya was’ a very famous model in Kolkata ‘and described her as’ a very talented girl … who used to sing and dance like a rock star .. He surprised us with his acting and dancing in movies. ”

Arya Banerjee’s maid had informed the police that Arya Banerjee was being kept secret. Kolkata Police Joint Commissioner (Crime) Murlidhar Sharma told IANS that the actor-model suffered from lever cirrhosis, he had said: “It was not a murder case. Alcohol was found in his stomach at the time of his death”.