As Saradha Cloud returns, Trinamool’s estranged leader finds himself a target

Suvendu Adhikari (center) has been accused of taking Rs 6 crore from the president of ailing Saradha.


As Bengal boils ahead of the assembly elections, the infamous Saradha check fund that collapsed in 2013, costing billions of people in West Bengal their hard-earned savings, is making headlines again.

Trinamool Congressional Leader Suvendu Adhikari, who recently resigned as minister in Mamata Banerjee’s government and has made headlines as someone who can change the BJP, wrote to the CBI director today about the “suspicious circumstances” in which the Jailed Saradha’s president, Sudipta Sen, wrote to the prime minister. Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and claimed that he, Mr. Adhikari, had taken money from him.

“They also named me in an alleged letter,” Adhikari wrote, noting that Sen wrote the letter only three days after he resigned as minister on November 27. Mr. Adhikari is mentioned in the Saradha case and has been questioned at least twice by the CBI.

But sources say what is suspicious is that Sudipta Sen is being used by influential people to smear Adhikari. There was no attempt to do so before when he was Trinamool’s congressional minister. But just in case he addresses the BJP, Sen was manipulated into writing the letter and making these “false claims,” ​​they said.

“It is my true fear that there are suspicious circumstances behind the writing of said letter by the defendant Sudipta Sen under duress and influence of the prison authorities in collusion with highly influential people,” Adhikari wrote and sought the necessary action from the director of CBI.

In his December 1 letter that was made public on December 5, Sudipta Sen names five leaders and claims that they took a lot of money from him.


In addition to Adhikari, the list includes former Trinamool leader Mukul Roy, who is now in the BJP, Adhir Chowdhury, a congressional deputy, Sujan Chakraborty, CPM MLA, and Biman Bose, a member of the CPM politburo.

Mr. Adhikari, Mr. Sen claims, took 6 million rupees from him.

“It is painful for me to see that those who are taking a lot of money and actually misleading the poor are now joining the BJP. I ask the CBI and the state police to investigate the matter properly and take the necessary measures. [sic]”Sen wrote in his letter.

Mr. Adhikari takes note of this comment and wrote: “… he (Sudipta Sen) has asked the IWC and the state police for an investigation … His letter also contains his causes of pain for being such people” . now joins BJP “.

There was a stir in political circles when Sudipta Sen’s letter was made public. But the claims were dismissed as a “conveniently late withdrawal.”