Attack at Kaza tollgate .. Revathi responds

Amravati: State Vadera Corporation Chairperson Devalla Revathi has given an explanation on the attack on Kazha Tollgate in Guntur district. She alleges that toll staff abused and inhumanely assaulted her while she was taking her mother to the hospital. That is why he said he blocked the toll staff for his protection. Revathi has released a video to this effect. He alleged that his mother was suffering from leg pain and asked the toll staff for half an hour to allow him to go to the hospital immediately but they prevented him from listening. Estee said his driver, who belonged to a social class, was attacked by four gangsters. Saying that he is a public representative .. but what about us? Revathi alleged that the toll plaza staff attacked them with prostitutes. He said he was harassed on the road for half an hour and was injured when the staff put a board on the road on his leg while doing rheumatism. He clarified that it was untrue that the toll was going to go unpaid. The local MP explained that he had a free pass and had been traveling through the tollgate for many years. Revathi was outraged that only five minutes of footage was released to the media and misrepresented. She demanded the release of full CC footage of the incident. Revathi said he would lodge a complaint with the DGP with evidence of assault on him. Read this .. ‘Do you want to pay the toll fee myself?’