Australian scientist ‘mocked’ by left-wing bureaucrats after discovering COVID treatment

Sky News anchor Rowan Dean says Australian health bureaucrats “scandalously prevented” Professor Thomas Borody from saving thousands of lives and putting Australia at the forefront of COVID-19 treatments around the world. Borody discovered that ivermectin was an effective preventive treatment for the coronavirus earlier this year, but it was “mocked” and “ridiculed” by activists with a leftist agenda. “All Australian politicians and health bureaucrats should bow their heads in shame,” Dean said. This week, Dr. Pierre Kory, a pulmonary and intensive care specialist in Milwaukee, testified before the United States Congress saying that ivermectin was proving to be a “miracle” treatment based on “mountains of data” published in recent years. months. Dean said: “I suspect that future generations will look at us with a mixture of horror and bewilderment for having overreacted in the way we have, particularly in terms of the unnecessary damage inflicted on our economies and our individual freedoms.”