Babu Gogine’s comments on nebulous wedding articles, criticisms of rationalist key caste madness

Known as a leading rationalist, an atheist, Babu Gogineni, who fought extensively against the superstitions of the society and gained a lot of popularity at the time, often appeared on TV channels, participated in the Bigg Boss show and disappeared from the TV channels due to skill damage. However, after a long time, Babu Gogineni became a hot topic on social media again with his comments. His comments on his social media handle, including an article on the BBC on the occasion of Nebula’s wedding, irritated not only the mega fans but also the common people. Netizens are incensed at him on social media. Going into details .. People are always interested in topics related to movie stars, sports stars, politicians. For some intellectuals, this is usually annoying. The media has been covering the wedding of the Nebula Chaitanya, noticing the natural interest in the audience about the wedding taking place in the fort. There is nothing wrong with that. But Babu Gogineni was outraged by the sharp criticism. Nebula, second grade artist Nagababu Babu Gogineni comments on his own achievement: Babu Gogineni writes on his social media handle, We are anxious to know what is missing. If the second grade artist’s daughter’s wedding, which appears on TV, takes place in another state, and another magazine publishes an article about someone who has not yet achieved anything other than their own, it’s a good idea to pick it up with hundreds of articles in that magazine and publish it in your press review. It would be nice to have a wedding card too. ” Babu Gogineni was outraged. Counters on Babu Gogineni’s comments on social media: However, netizens are incensed over Babu Gogineni’s comments. They recall that Nebula was a great success at his level, leaving his criticisms of Nagababu as a second-rate artist of Vekili laughter to his wisdom and his comments that he was a nebula with no achievement. Though not impressed by the range of well-known artists, they are reminded that she did full justice to her role in the films in which she played the heroine. Although web series have become very popular in recent times, it is well known that Nebula has created a trend in web series in a time when they are not so popular. They also recall that Ravi Prakash, who was the CEO of TV9 channel at the time, also praised Niharika on stage as the Princess who rules the Telugu internet world. While programs like Zabardast and Adirindi, which entertain people, are ridiculous programs, they are questioning what the Bigg Boss show in which he is participating in shows. Then why didn’t Babu ask: People don’t even understand why he had such a stomach ache due to the publication of a BBC Telugu article on Nebula wedding news. If his intention was that only the most important news should be published in BBC Telugu, there were questions as to why he did not correct Gogineni’s interview when he published a larger article about those events when he participated in Bigg Boss. Criticisms of the rationalist as caste madness: The manner in which the rationalist Babu Gogine was questioned for his superstitions and the struggle he waged had a large following among all sections. However, it is only in the context of his nebulous wedding that he is seen making comments against the article, and some are commenting on whether he, too, has caste madness. Before Nebula, many wedding articles were published not only by BBC Telugu but also by many media outlets. By the time she got married, Nara Lokesh Gogine, the son of Nara Chandrababu Naidu, was in terms of “nothing accomplished”, but the then channels and media outlets were the mainstays of the wedding. When the wedding of Mukesh Ambani’s house took place in the same fort, the media gave similar articles. In Gogine’s terms, Mukesh Ambani’s daughter “did not achieve anything on her own” except as his own daughter, so the media should not even cover the wedding. On several such occasions Babu Gogineni, who was a nerd at the time, was seen working and criticizing the Nagababu family, commenting that he was suspected of having caste madness, which greatly degraded his status. If he wants to work as a social reformer as a rationalist atheist, there are many important issues that he has to address – issues that are more important than broadcasting an article about nebulous marriage – in the Telugu states. If he wants to put them aside and make comments like this to cool his stomach inflammation it’s up to him. If not, when he comes back to the masses tomorrow morning and gives lectures as a great social reformer, people will surely question him about this caste madness as well. Telugu360 is always open for the best and bright journalists. If you are interested in full-time or freelance, email us at