Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni claims Eijaz Khan’s ‘touch problem’ is a lie, says she didn’t mind hugging Arshi Khan – tv

The contestants on Bigg Boss 14 will be in for a few surprises in the next episode. While they will manage to clear up others’ misunderstandings of themselves, Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan will be among those who will suffer the most.

A new promotion shows the game ‘galatfahmi ke gubbare (balloons of misunderstandings)’ in progress. It shows the contestants sitting with colored balloons on their heads. Vikas Gupta pops Arshi Khan’s balloon of misunderstanding, claiming that she believes he does not return it to her because he is afraid of her. He clarifies that he does not react much to her because “he tries to behave well with women.”

Nikki Tamboli, who has returned to Bigg Boss 14’s house after being evicted, breaks Jasmin Bhasin’s balloon of misunderstandings, claiming she has nothing but the support and majority (votes) of Aly Goni. In turn, Jasmin pops Eijaz Khan’s balloon because she thinks she is “unworthy of playing or winning Bigg Boss”.

Eijaz Khan pointed at Aly Goni and said that he had made a sarcastic comment: “In touch se problem thi na (he had a problem with touch, right)?” Eijaz said he hoped some of the contestants would doubt it, but not Aly. Meanwhile, Aly accused Eijaz of doing all those things around the house that he himself was against.

In another promo, Aly claimed that Eijaz didn’t mind giving Arshi a hug despite continually claiming he has a touch problem. While Eijaz claimed it was a different psychology, Aly accused him of lying about it.

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Another promo also shows ‘challengers’ Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan being punished by contestants in a fun way. Host Salman Khan can also be seen enjoying himself and encouraging them to splash them with colorful buckets for giving answers that others disagreed with. Rakhi claimed that she couldn’t fall in love at home, but the contestants disagreed and forced her to endure punishment.

Rahul was filled with color for saying that he couldn’t win the show while the contestants claimed otherwise. She also refused to accept that Rakhi was the sexiest girl in the house and was punished for the same.

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