Brahmin hater ‘Snow’ family must be defeated in ‘our’ elections: Sridhar Sharma

Hyderabad: Sridhar Sharma, state president of Brahmin Chaitanya Vedika, Siripura, has called for defeating the anti-Brahmin ‘Manchu’ family in “our” elections. Speaking to media on Saturday, he criticized actor Mohan Babu for insulting the Brahmin community in many of his films. In the movie “Anything Goes” controversy, it is alleged that Brahmin priests were attacked and criminal cases were filed against Brahmin leaders. He said that the Brahmin caste had started a movement against them in the joint Telugu states. He appealed to “Manchu Mohan Babu, Manchu Vishnu” who did not even make a minimum apology to the Brahmin caste to be defeated in “our” elections. Sarvejana Sukhinobhavanthu is a Brahmin caste who has awakened everyone in the society .. The snow family who has insulted the sentiments in the most heinous manner .. The Brahmin curse, aggression and resentment that have been inflicted for generations .. should be defeated in our elections and reminded once again, ” Sridhar Sharma of Siripura asked.

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