Chiranjeevi dissatisfied with Lucifer remake

Chiranjeevi dissatisfied with Lucifer remake

Chiranjeevi is now making films in a row. However, most of them are remake stories. The megastar is going to star in the remake of Vedalam along with the super hit Lucifer remake in Malayalam. In fact, Chiranjeevi wanted to start shooting for the Lucifer remake in April. Mohan Raja also completed the script for the film. However, there seems to be a slight dissatisfaction with the Lucifer remake script.
Chiranjeevi, who came up with Saira in 2019, wants to come up with two films in 2020. But one year the whole corona was gone. Even though Chiru wanted to finish Acharya quickly, Corona got angry. It was too late with that. The film is slated to release on May 13 after completion of shooting. But the film does not seem to have a chance of being released even then in the context of Corona. Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi is also starring in the Lucifer remake. The megastar wanted to start shooting for the film in April. Mohan Raja also completed the script for the film. But now the film seems to be delayed for a few more months. The corona is not the only reason for that .. the story too.

In the screenplay prepared by Mohan Raja in Telugu, it seems that Chiruku did not like some. There is a propaganda that the script is not completely satisfied with the work. That’s why it seems that the director was asked to sit down on the story once again. Will it be delayed anyway .. Megastar suggested to sit on the story for any number of days. With that, Mohan Raja is sitting on the story once again.

Mehr Ramesh is also on the list of minor directors. He is doing a remake of Vedalam. It is not clear when Chiranjeevi will complete all these films. Films come in a row .. If it is fixed to release two projects a year, the time will not come together. Sadly, everything is fine .. Fans say that if the time is not together, what will the megastar do? Chiranjeevi wants Acharya to release Lucifer and Vedalam remake in 2022 this year. We have to see .. will it be merciful for a long time then ..? Apart from these, Chiranjeevi also committed to the film Bobby.

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