chiranjeevi: My blood brothers are not there .. both in one day .. Chiranjeevi intense emotion – corona death cases; chiranjeevi deep condolences to mega fans

With the corona epidemic booming, people are fleeing. Those who appeared healthy before our eyes until yesterday are disappearing because of this giant corona. The corona that surrounds everything without the slightest big difference. This corona filling the tragedy of a few thousand families .. did not leave the film industry. While many movie celebrities have lost their lives due to this corona effect .. some more have fallen victim to corona. At this moment megastar Chiranjeevi is emotional with the loss of his most loved ones. Chiranjeevi, who has been supporting him for many years, is in deep grief after losing two of his fans at the same time. Chiranjeevi took to Twitter to express his grief over the loss of his Blood Brothers.

“Fans for a long time, my blood brothers Kadiri residents who participate in all social activities, Prasad Reddy and Hyderabad resident Venkataramana were affected by the corona and the news that they are no more touched my heart. Peace be upon their soul. My deepest condolences to their families, “said Chiranjeevi.