Chrome for Android is preparing a price tracking feature

After removing the plug on its Shopping app on Android earlier this month to replace the web app, Google is bringing one of the app’s useful features to Chrome. Soon, Chrome for Android will have a price tracking feature.

Now live in the latest Chrome update for Android Canary, v90, Google has revealed its price tracking feature, albeit behind a banner.

If you dive into the flag menu and swap the “Tab Grid Layout” option to enable price notifications, the new option appears as the folks over at SmartDroid highlighted. You can access this option directly using chrome: // flags / # enable-tab-grid-layout from Chrome Canary. From there, you can change the setting to “Enabled Price Notices.”

The process set out above should do the trick, but as Android Police Points out, you might need to close and reopen Chrome to get the price tracker on display.

How does this new feature work? Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as adding a page or product to a list. Instead, this feature works by monitoring the price of a product that’s in your open tabs, as Google points out directly in a message about the functionality. If a price drops, it looks like you’ll get a notification for that either in the notification tray or when you open Chrome itself. Since this is how this function works, it seems highly unlikely that it will be coming to the Chrome desktop version anytime soon, but it might eventually appear in the iOS app.

If all goes well, this function could reach Chrome’s stable release sometime over the summer.

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