Cold bowl

© Namaste Telangana Chaliguppita Ginnedhari Minimum temperature of 7.1 degrees Celsius is the second lowest temperature recorded in the last decade. Minimum temperatures are dropping with winds blowing from the east. The lowest temperature recorded in the state on Wednesday was 7.1 degrees in Ginnedhari in the Thiryani zone of Kumrambhim Asifabad district, TSDPS officials said. According to the Hyderabad Meteorological Department, the lowest temperature recorded in the second week of December was 7.1 degrees Celsius. The lowest temperature ever recorded was December 27, 2017 with a minimum temperature of 3.5 degrees on December 27. After December 20, the minimum temperature will drop to 8.5 degrees Celsius, but on the 9th it will be 7.1 degrees Celsius, meteorological officials said. Jupiter said the cold snap would intensify further on Fridays. On Wednesday, Adilabad district recorded 8.9 degrees in Bhimpur, Kumrambhim Asifabad district Sirpur (R), Adilabad district Bela and Botha zones 9.2 degrees, Sangareddy district Kohir 9.8 degrees, Nirmal district 10.3 degrees in Pembi, Manchiryala district Jannaram 10.4 degrees in Kolhapur district The district recorded 10.7 degrees in Veernapally. Greater Hyderabad recorded a minimum temperature of 13.8 degrees, while Ramachandrapuram in Greater Hyderabad recorded a low of 11.8 degrees, the trembling agency said. Minimum temperatures are dropping day by day. The Thiryani zone recorded 7.1 degrees in Ginnedhari on Wednesday, with wild children trembling as the cold front is likely to ease further. Due to the high forest cover in the district, it is colder than other places. Agency areas Jainur, Sirpur and Lingapur are the worst affected. Morning fog envelops villages and towns.


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