COVID-19 Vaccines Algorithm and Interface Updates from Google Search

Google Search is making some changes to its search results about COVID-19 vaccines. As it did with COVID-19 news and information in general, Google is trying to ensure that it provides the most accurate, reliable, authoritative, and up-to-date information possible, especially when data and information is changing so rapidly.

Google said it is launching a new feature on Google Search, so when people search for information on COVID-19 vaccines, Google Search will display a list of vaccines authorized in their location, as well as information panels about each. individual vaccine. This will launch in the UK first as they are already distributing vaccines in the UK. Google said that “as other health authorities begin to authorize vaccines, we will introduce this new feature in more countries.”

I bet this space will change quickly and we’ll look at feature after feature to help educate people about vaccinations and help people figure out how to get vaccinated.

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