Covid-19 vaccines to start at GP surgeries on Tuesday: who will get them first and how are they chosen

GPs will receive the coronavirus vaccine for administration in a few days, but how will the process work?

People in the highest priority bands should be contacted by general practitioner surgeries across the country as mass inoculations are implemented.

As of Tuesday, people will be able to receive the vaccine in the visits of family doctors.

The President of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), Professor Martin Marshall, told Sky News: “You will receive an invitation if you are in that priority group.

“Please do not call the office for a vaccination or show up, wait for them to call you.”

The group that will receive the invitations to the surgeries first will be over 80 years old, Professor Martin told the news website and television news channel on Saturday.

University Hospitals Birmingham received its first batch of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.

Patients will be given appointment times and will report as they would for any other issue, sign in at the front desk, and be greeted by staff wearing personal protective equipment.

People will be required to wait in surgery for 15 minutes after the vaccine is administered, Professor Martin also revealed in his interview.

However, not all surgeries will receive the vaccine, as the practices will be chosen by Public Health England (PHE) to become vaccination centers.

They will be selected on the basis that they will stay open longer to ensure that all the vaccines they have can be used.

People with severe allergies are cautioned not to get vaccinated, as are pregnant women and those under the age of 16.

Professor Martin said that some leeway will allow the clinically vulnerable in the first age group, such as those of certain ethnicities, or with certain underlying health problems, to be prioritized.