Covid deaths in Karnataka ICUs touch 8.72% fortnightly- The New Indian Express

Express News Service

BENGALURU: In a span of 14 days – April 3 to April 17 – the Covid-19 mortality rate in Karnataka ICUs is 8.72 percent. Covid’s ICU deaths of 1,239 patients were received during this time, according to data from the health department. Of these high-risk patients, 39.95 percent had comparisons (495) and 60.05 percent (744) had no comparisons. However, in terms of the number of deaths, 61 people died of comorbidities and fewer patients (47) surrendered without comparisons.

For example, in the Bidar area, of 84 patients admitted to the ICU during this two-week period, 21 had comparisons, but 63 did not. In Bengaluru, 22 of the 261 admitted in the ICU were patients with comorbidities and 11 deaths were patients without comparisons.

Dr Pradeep Rangappa, Consultant, Intensive Care Unit, Columbia Asia Hospital, part of the tele-ICU team that monitors high-risk patients in Karnataka, said Covid vaccination may have played a role in reducing the severity of disease among the elderly, as they had vaccinated earlier. He noticed more people between the ages of 40 and 50 reporting to the ICU.

“We see people as young as 28 and 30 in the ICU. This is different from the first wave. They self-medicate for fever at home, and when the disease progresses to cough and shortness of breath, they come to hospitals, and by then the lungs are already damaged, ”he said Dr. Rangappa.

Dr Anoop Amarnath, Head, Scientific Board and Chairman, Geriatrics Medicine, Manipal Hospitals, who is also part of the tele-ICU team, said the findings validate the fundamental link between mortality and comorbidities, a world-proven phenomenon wide.

“The number and severity of comorbidities is directly proportional to more deaths – an 8.72 per cent ICU mortality rate is good compared to 25 per cent in some international data. The time period of this data is too short to conclude that more people with comorbidities are being admitted to ICUs, ”said Dr Amarnath.

A Covid-19 ICU examination done by Columbia Asia Hospital, Yeshwanthpur, between July 1, 2020, and November 20, 2020, showed that the highest number of patients admitted to the ICU was in the 71-80 age group, with 30 men and 10 females.