Crowd pounced on cake at event celebrating Sharad Pawar’s birthday

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Maharashtra leaders celebrated the party chief’s birthday on Saturday. Sharad Pawar with much fanfare. Some leaders even organized extravagant events.

In BeedPNC leaders had also organized a function to commemorate Pawar’s 80th birthday. A large number of people, including children, were present at the event. However, there was a commotion on stage to grab a piece of cake after the event.

Those present on the stage, mostly children, pounced on the cake, leaving it scattered even before those present could taste it.

A video of the event that took place in Parli district area has gone viral on social media platforms. In the video, the announcer can be heard asking the women to come home and give them saris in the morning, while other members tried to clear the crowd on the stage.

SHOCKING: People go crazy for cake at party for CPN chief Sharad Pawar’s 80th birthday


SHOCKING: People go crazy for cake at party for CPN chief Sharad Pawar's 80th birthday


Speaking at a low-key function organized by the NCP, Pawar said that political workers should never compromise with ideology.

Pawar, a four-time Chief Minister of Maharashtra, was also Minister of Defense between June 1991 and March 1993. He left Congress in 1999 and formed the NCP, but then joined the UPA government, led by Congress, in 2004 and served as the Union Minister of Agriculture for the next ten years.

Last year, he was instrumental in the formation of MVA.

Sharad Pawar turns 80: here are some invisible photos of the head of NCP

Head of NCP Sharad Pawar

The head of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Sharad Pawar, will turn 80 on December 12, 2020. Pawar, a key figure in Indian politics, is one of the few leaders in the country who is known for his sympathy among matches. In his five-decade career, Pawar has never lost an election. In fact, many believe that his speech in the 2019 assembly elections in the rains turned the tide in Maharashtra. He has served in various positions including Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Minister of Defense and Minister of Agriculture at the Center. Pawar became a minister at the age of just 32 and is known for his “never give up” spirit. He even beat cancer, and when the young doctor told him he was only six months old, Pawar cheerfully said that he would outlive him. Pawar, who is also called Janata Raja (king who knows everything) is known as a “capable administrator” and “political mentor” and someone who has made his mark in everything, including sports. Even at this age, Pawar travels through various regions, meets party workers, people on the ground level, surprising everyone with his energy 24 hours a day. The head of NCP has played an important role in the formation of Maha Vikas Aghadi in Maharashtra. Here are some rare and invisible images of the strong man from Maratha. Photo: BCCL

A warm welcome at Girgaon

Sharad Pawar, the then Congressional candidate (I) Lok Sabha from South Bombay along with the late Murli Deora, received a warm welcome on the Jagannath Sankarseth Road in Girgaon after launching an election campaign. (Photo: BCCL)

Pawar with Cabinet colleagues

Pawar, the then Chief Minister, read to his cabinet colleagues the letter from opposition leaders communicating their decision to boycott the usual tea party on the eve of the monsoon session in Bombay (now Mumbai) in July. 1993 (Photo: TOI).

Meeting with state leaders

Pawar, with the then main contenders for the post of Maharashtra’s next chief minister in Mantralaya. From left to right: Shivajirao Deshmukh, Vijaysinh Mohite Patil, Sudhakarrao Naik, Jawaharlal Darda, Ramrao Adik and Sushilkumar Shinde. Photo: TOI

Defense Minister Pawar

Pawar inspects an honor guard aboard the aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, at the Bombay Naval Yard on a Saturday in July 1991. Photo: Hoshi Jal / TOI

Finding your way through the crowd

Sharad Pawar makes his way through a crowd of supporters at the Santa Cruz airport upon his arrival from New Delhi in 1993. Photo: PM Shirodkar / TOI

Welcome again!

Sharad Pawar was welcomed back to Bombay as Chief Minister of Maharashtra in March 1993. Photo by: Hemant Shirodkar / TOI

Tackle an RMMS rally

Pawar, then leader of Congress, addresses an RMMS rally demanding the eviction of the Sena-BJP government in the state, at Azad Maidan in Mumbai in 1998. Photo by: Shriram Vernekar / TOI

Thackeray and Pawar

Shiv Sena founder and former boss Balasaheb Thackeray, Sharad Pawar, and Mr. George Fernandes, engrossed in discussion at a public meeting at Shivaji Park in Mumbai in 1982. Photo: TOI

In the cockpit of a MIG 27M

Pawar, then the Union Minister of Defense, sits in the cockpit of a MIG 27M at Ozar Air Base near Nashik on December 8, 1984.