Dead in pits, survivors in jail: MP Gorantla Madhav counters Paritala Sunita

Anantapur: Hindupuram MP Gorantla Madhav said that CM Jagan is watering down the stains of previous murders in the district. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture. Hindupuram MP Gorantla Madhav had sharply criticized Paritala Ravi and Chandrababu two days ago. Former minister Paritala Sunita responded to the criticism on Thursday. Gorantla Madhav was severely misquoted. Madhav responded to Paritala Sunitha’s comments today. He gave this interview to a Telugu news channel. also read: We know your history .. Paritala Sunita warning to Gorantla Madhav … He said that everyone knows about the incidents that took place in this district in the past. He said the dead were in pits and the survivors were in jail. He said claymore mines, landmines, TV bombs and car bombs were introduced to the district. He also challenged TDP leaders to prove that he was a rapist. Two days ago, Madhav made serious allegations that Paritala Ravi had soaked the fields with blood stains when there was no water for the fields. Paritala Sunita suspected that there was someone behind Madhav’s remarks.