Delhi Deaths Reports None, 30 Covid Cases

In Kerala, the government has decided to add 7,000 deaths to the state’s Covid-19 toll amid criticism for alleged underreporting. The addition would take the state’s Covid-19 death toll from 26,000 to 33,000, on Saturday.

Kerala Health Minister Veena George said there were 7,000 cases not reported in official data for lack of relevant records. Pune also has the highest number of Covid-19 active cases in the state followed by Mumbai and Ahmednagar.

Meanwhile, the national capital recorded zero deaths due to Covid-19 on Friday and reported 39 fresh cases, with a positivity rate of 0.06%. data from Delhi shows that only five Covid-19 related deaths were reported last month and one death due to coronavirus infection has been recorded so far this month. The death toll due to the new coronavirus infection in Delhi is 25,088.

The Lancet study revealed that cases of depression and anxiety increased by more than a quarter globally during the first year of the pandemic, especially among women and young adults. In the first global estimate of the impact of Covid-19 on mental health, researchers estimated that 2020 saw an additional 52 million people suffering from major depressive disorder, and 76 million additional cases of anxiety. These represent a 28 and 26 percent increase in both disorders respectively, according to the study, published in The Lancet medical journal.

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