Developer ‘Genshin Impact’ shares insights into what’s new on the PS5 version

Before The Genshin effectAt next week’s PS5 launch, miHoYo has shared more details about the new features players can expect.

The free-to-play action RPG is already playable on PS5 by backwards compatibility, and is a significant improvement on the PS4 version.

PS5 native version of The Genshin effect however, it uses the hardware to make its world “even more detailed, more vibrant, and more immersive,” according to technical director Zhenzhong Yi.

“At the same time, we’ve been working on developing a variety of functions to fully utilize this next gen console in the long term,” said Yi in a short video. “We completely completed a graphics library from the bottom up and built a tailored file upload system to take advantage of the powerful SSD.”

Watch the clip below.

The new graphics library is editing The Genshin effect on PS5 it will feature more detailed high resolution 4K textures. Fast travel around the world will be almost instant, while a higher Detail Level distance will provide more detail about landmarks both near and far.

Yi also revealed that the Qingyun Peak – one of the most popular locations in the game – is getting a unique makeover on PS5, teasing, “Hope you like the surprise.”

As the video ends, it reminds viewers that there is plenty of content found The Genshin effect. Teyvat’s game world has a total of seven major cities, of which only two are currently available.

However, a recent update has continued the The Genshin effectmain arc story, while a leak suggests that the content roadmap has been extended to over a decade.