Dhanush completes shooting ‘Karnan’


Dhanush is an actor who has made a name for himself in Tamil as well as Telugu and Bollywood. Danush, who is interested in making distinctive films, has recently completed the shooting of ‘Karnan’. Directed by Mari Selvaraj. Kerala actress Regina Vijayan stars opposite Dhanush. Along with them, Yogibabu, Lal, Gauri Kishan and others acted. Music was provided by Santosh Narayanan. Director Mari Selvaraj said the film was made with a story about the living conditions of tea workers. Thirty percent of the film’s shooting was completed before the lockdown. After that the seven-month hiatus was infinitely final scheduled‌ shooting‌ was rapid. In this context, Hero Dhanush posted a message on Twitter. He said that the shooting of ‘Karnan’ has been completed and the film will be a success to impress audiences from all walks of life. He said that the film will be released soon. Dhanush said in the message that he would like to thank filmmaker Thanu and director Mari Selvaraj.