Did Kiara hit the bumper offer?

Mumbai: Hrithik Roshan had a huge success last year with his film ‘War’. No other film came out of him after that. No film went on the sets. It is learned that he will be starring in Krishna 4. An official announcement will be made soon and the film will hit the sets. Now it is reported that it is almost clear who will be the heroine opposite Hrithik in the film.

” There is room for two heroines in this film. Krittisanan was thought to be a heroine. But that opportunity came to Kiara Advani as her callsheet was not empty. She is an actress who shows off her beauty as well as fine acting. Her pairing with Hrithik is good. That is why it is likely that the decision to hire Kiara as the heroine will be made soon, ” sources close to Hrithik said.

‘Krish 4’ will be directed by renowned director, Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan. ‘Jawani Ki Diwani’ starring Kiara will be released in theaters soon.