Did not work with the views of leaders who lost three times: Jaggareddy

It is learned that Uttam Kumar Reddy has resigned as PCC president, taking moral responsibility for the Congress’ failure in the GHMC election results. In this context, the Congress leadership is working hard to select a new PCC chief. Manikam Tagore, in-charge of Telangana Congress affairs, spoke to each leader separately and sought their views. In this context, Congress MLA Jaggareddy also moved the media after meeting Manikam Tagore. He said there was no need to value the views of leaders like V. Hanumantrao, Kodandareddy and Marri Shashidhar Reddy. Jaggareddy explained that he had asked Manikam Tagore to give him the PCC presidency. He said the news that the Telangana Congress had split into groups for the state Congress presidency was true. Source