Digital Voter ID Cards from next year!

New Delhi: Like the Aadhaar card, the voter ID card has also gone digital. The Election Commission of India (ECI) has been making efforts to facilitate the downloading of voter ID cards online from next year as part of digitization. Now that we are downloading the e-Aadhaar card then the voter IDs will be able to do the same. Election Commission sources have revealed that digital voter IDs are likely to be available ahead of next year’s five state elections. Newly enrolled voters will have the opportunity to download this directly. However, those who already have voter IDs will have to complete some formalities in the Voter Helpline app. The Electoral Commission will give its approval after thoroughly examining its feasibility. Existing Epic cards will continue to be available, along with downloadable voter IDs. Digital IDs are being introduced with the intention of making voter IDs accessible to voters. Those who are newly registered for the right to vote .. can download the IDs through the registered mobile. This digital card has two QR codes. One contains the voter’s name and other details. The other contains unique information about the voter. The right to vote must be exercised according to the data in these QR codes. Once these services are available, service voters and overseas voters can also download their cards. They do not currently have a physical voter ID card. Voters who have shifted from one polling station to another, even those who have lost their card, can easily change their ID through this.