‘Distance makes heart more font’: Mumbai man wanted to meet boyfriend during curfew gets police reply

Mumbai is tackling a massive surge in the incidence of coronavirus disease (Covid-19). The administration has put in place strict curbs to check the movement of the people and prevent the spread of the disease. But that doesn’t stop city people from making requests to get out.

One such request came from Ashwin Vinod, who asked Mumbai Police which color-coded sticker he should use to go out to meet his girlfriend. The police response was prompt and polite.

“We understand it is vital to you sir but unfortunately it does not fall under our essentials or emergency categories! Distance makes the heart grow bigger and right now, you are ‘ n healthier. PS We wish you a lifetime together. This is just a step, “police said. replied Ashwin Vinod’s tweet.

They also used the hashtag #StayHomeStaySafe to send the message that it’s safe to be home during Covid-19.

Currently, Section 144 of the CrPC – which prohibits the assembly of five or more people in one place – is in force in Mumbai and other parts of the state due to increased Covid-19 outbreaks. City police have made it mandatory for the vehicles in emergency / essential services to install color-coded stickers in an attempt to limit the movement of vehicles.

The 6-inch round stickers come in three colors: red, green and yellow.

The vehicles used by doctors, medical staff (including ambulances) sport a red sticker. Those involved in transporting food, vegetables, fruits, foods and dairy products will have green stickers. If someone is traveling to the airport or ATM machine, he must carry a yellow sticker on his vehicle.

The police are strictly enforcing the prohibition orders and action is being taken against the vehicles, which are out on the streets for no legitimate reason.

Meanwhile, the response from the police was well received by users on the micro-blogging site.

“A very thoughtful solution in these difficult times. Every individual has his or her own essentials. Keep engaging with witty responses and we are forever grateful for your service! You care for Mumbai like no one else does do it! All of you stay safe and healthy.! “Twitter user Satyan Israni said.

The Mumbai police Twitter handle has more than 50 lakh followers.