Divya Bhatnagar Old Chats Allege Torture By Her Husband

Mumbai: Sensational things have come to light regarding the late actress Divya Bhatnagar’s husband Gagan Gabroo. Screenshots of Divya’s chat in the past have been circulating on social media alleging that she was deceived into believing in herself as planned. Gagan pretended to love her for settling in Mumbai and tortured her daily after marriage, she told her friend. ” He literally pulls the belt. Finger-breaker. Not only Gagan but their entire family are cheaters. Gagan Vallamma was also involved in the conspiracy to marry me. I have deceived so many people.

I tried to find out the details of those girls. It is their habit to do everything right. That is why I did not have any suspicion at first, ”the husband said in a divine chat about the way his family treated him. Divya’s brother Devashish Bhatnagar shared the photos through her (Divya) insta account. He was so emotional that he used to protect the divine from the demon if he knew it beforehand. Love married Gagan a very divine year ago despite the reluctance of family members. However, shortly after the marriage, differences arose between the two. Her friends and family have accused Gagan of ignoring Divya, a recent corona victim in the sequence. Divya has acted in Hindi serials like ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehalata Hai’, ‘Sanskar’, ‘Udan’, ‘Jeet Guy To Piya More’. (Read: Prema Pelli: The worst bully ..)