Dorakuna Ituvanti Seva: Dorakuna Such service: Three boys’ fingers in a girl’s guppit .. What is the meaning of this poster !! – dorakuna ituvanti seva movie poster goes viral

Content-oriented films have become more and more popular in Tollywood in recent times, away from commercial films. However, some content is being used to increase the audience’s interest in this content oriented movie. Posters and promos are created with such content and brought to the audience. The film is getting good publicity. I don’t know if this movie belongs to that category but now the title poster is going viral on social media.

A movie titled ‘Dorakuna Such Service’ is coming up in Tollywood. The movie poster was released on Thursday. There are no actors in this poster. The title is ‘Such Service Not Found’. Everyone knows how sinful this line is. Taking this line from the popular song in the movie ‘Shankarabharanam’ and giving it a title may have caught the attention of the audience a bit.

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Will this poster go viral because of the title? I mean .. I have to say no. The title is captioned ‘Incredible Revenge in This’. The caption also features a shortcut form called ‘DIS’. On the letter ‘I’ is the shadow of the girl standing sexy. Most important of all is the fact that a girl is holding the index finger of three boys in her lap, drawing the attention of the audience. There seems to be an ambiguity in this poster. That would be understandable to the audience as well.

The film was directed by Ramachandra Ragipindi. Dev Maheshwaram is producing under the banner of Devi Film Factory. Producer Dev Maheshwaram responded to the good response to his movie poster. “Filming is over. Post-production work is almost complete. DTS is currently in the final stages of mixing. The film is expected to release in January. Suspense as to who the cast is until the teaser is released. Did we do it with new cast? What did we do with the old cast? That is what you need to know by watching the teaser, ”he said.

‘Such service not found’ concept poster

Director Ramachandra Ragipindi said, “The film is a suspense crime drama with a story about extramarital affairs. The reason for choosing the story in the context of extramarital affairs is .. A recent survey conducted by a dating app found that seven out of ten people show interest in extramarital affairs. Shakya was particularly aware that women outnumbered men in those seven.

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Another survey found that crime due to illicit relationships ranks first among the crimes taking place in the current society. Incidents like ‘Wife found red handed with Priyudi .. Husband who killed both of them’, ‘Wife who killed husband with Priyudi’ are popular in the news. Some do not even hesitate to kill their spouses for fleeting pleasure. People are constantly seeing such incidents in the news in some area.

What problems do unrelated people face because of extramarital affairs? The film is made with a non-linear screenplay as an anthology of three stories. Meanwhile, Sai Karthik composed the music for the film. Ram provided the festival cinematography. Chota K. Prasad editor.