Double Samburam in KCR Nagar

Bhavodvegansangareddy / Siddipeta representatives, Namaste Telangana: Namaste Telangana: It is a burden to pay monthly rent to those who work as laborers. For such people, CM KCR’s construction of double bedroom houses and the provision of gated community-style facilities have left their joy boundless. On Thursday at Narsapuram in Siddipet, in a complex of double bedroom houses built under the name of KCR Nagar, CM KCR conducted house entrances. Beneficiaries celebrated home entrances with relatives with arches in front of the house and arches on the porches. Entered the house with self-respect. Vratas were made and Odibiyam was poured on the housewives. The God who built the house saluted our CM KCR as if it was our house. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Earlier, CM KCR unveiled the pylon of double bedroom houses. After the interfaith prayers, the group posed for a photo with the authorities. Acharya Kottapalli Jayashankar Hall was inaugurated. Beneficiaries in Block-9 are Harish Rao, Itala Rajender, Prashant Reddy, MP Prabhakar Reddy, Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, Chief Minister, Muthireddy Yadakireddy, MLA CM KCR‌ made home visits. Forget Tsar in life has not been owned for 30 years. The CM was happy to get into the hands of KCR. We are indebted to CM Saru and Harishrao Saru. After opening the house we took the blessings of the CM. Sir, if you ask us what we do .. tell us that we work in a petrol bunk. Is the house good .. are you happy? Asked. Congrats on saying goodbye. It was an unforgettable day in our lives. – Kodimela Swathi, Devender Chari’s salary is enough to live on, working as a DCM driver. Murshad has been living in rented houses for tens of years at Gadda. I am charging Rs 2,500 per month. The salary is not enough to live on. Now the government has given such a good house without taking a single rupee. I am very happy to have given such a good house to the pedophiles. Even though I have been driving for many years, I can still build a house like this. Is the CM happy to come to KCR? He asked. That being said he was very happy. – MD Saddam KCR‌, Harish Sarley’s eldest husband, two sons are dead. For me now KCR‌ Saru, Harishrao Sarle is bigger. The eldest son died of an illness two and a half days ago. If I was homeless or distressed, they would take me to Akuna and give me a house. I do not understand how many times I have to repay the loan. If my sons are still very samburapadetollu. These houses are like the ones built by Chana Paisalunnollu. I owe them all this life for giving us such a good house. – Erravalli Sujatha Arendla to visit Siddipet for the sixth time CM KCR Siddipet, Namaste Telangana: KCR came to Siddipet for the sixth time as Chief Minister. While attending the Harithaharam program for the first time as the CM, for the second time, as part of the design of the Mission Bhagiratha scheme, state ministers were brought to Siddipet to explain the manner in which drinking water was provided to households. For the third time the district was formed, for the fourth time the collectorate and medical college were laid, for the fifth time the 2018 election campaign, for the sixth time the inauguration of double bedroom houses and the inauguration of various development works were attended. December 10 .. Animuthyam Minister Harish Rao Animuthyammanna addressing the KCR Siddipet House. There is a uniqueness to this saying. On the occasion of his arrival in Siddipet on December 10, 2014, CM KCR addressed him as Animuthyam. It is a privilege to say the same thing on December 10, 2020, exactly after Arends. With this came the uniqueness of the word Harish’s sincerity. Ajan‌ from the mosque .. Ajan‌ was heard from the mosque while the CM KCR was speaking in the open house of the CM Siddipet Degree College ground where he stopped his speech. With this, KCR stopped his speech at once. Azan‌ continued again at the end. People who came to the house expressed their happiness over respecting religious beliefs and sentiments. This video is currently going viral on social media.