Dress code for government employees in Maharashtra: T-shirts, jeans and slippers are not allowed | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: Jeans and T-shirt may mean stress-free wear for some, but they are no longer suitable ‘office attire‘ for Government Employees in Maharashtra. And the government may change the policy from time to time, but employees cannot wear the humble slippers in the office under the new dress code.
Additionally, all government employees must use khadi clothes at least on Fridays to encourage the use of hand spinning, said a circular issued on December 8.
“It has been observed that several officials / staff (mainly contractual staff and consultants hired for government work) do not wear clothing suitable for government employees. Therefore, the image of government personnel gets dirty among the people, “he said.
People expect “good behavior and personality” from all government officials and employees, he recalled.
“… if the dress of officials and employees is inappropriate and dirty, it also has an indirect impact on their work,” the circular said.
Attire must be “appropriate and clean,” he said.
Female employees can wear saris, kurtas salwars / chudidars, pants and shirts along with dupattas if necessary, he said.
For men, there are fewer options: they can wear shirts and “pants or trousers.”
“Clothing with deep colors and strange embroidery or drawings should not be worn. Furthermore, employees and staff should not wear jeans and T-shirts in offices,” the circular ordered.
Female employees should wear chappals, sandals or shoes, while men should wear shoes or sandals, it was said.