eluru disease: The main cause of Eluru strange disease has been identified .. but that is the tension – doctors and experts to explain reasons behind eluru mystery disease today

A strange disease has become a mystery in Eluru. Doctors and experts have been working for two or three days to find the cause. Medical sources have come to a general understanding that water pollution is the main reason for the spread of such a serious disease. The origins of the disease are likely to be clarified by this evening. NIN, IICT, Delhi Aims, National Institute of Virology and other institutes will explain the findings of their research to CM Jagan at a meeting to be held today. Representatives of the NCDC, the National Institute of Virology, ICMR and the Delhi AIIMS focused on this, with locals saying the fresh water had turned yellow a week ago. Suspicions were expressed that the cases were coming only from areas adjacent to the pump pond. If there are four or five members in the house, only one or two are focused on contracting the disease. Samples collected from the necks of cattle, under chicken wings, buffaloes and others were sent to Lucknow and Bhopal. The organo chlorine group contains many compounds that have been used in the past for dyeing and removing dyes. But it has not been officially used for a few years. Want to know how it got into the water again. The NIN and Mangalagiri AIIMS groups, however, have made it clear that the outbreak is due to water pollution. According to the Delhi Aims, there was no lead in the victim’s urine. The symptoms of the disease were reduced in the cases that came to the Eluru Government Hospital. Earlier victims came to the hospital with symptoms such as bruising of arms and legs. Victims who arrived Thursday said they were dizzy and had dizzy eyes. Symptoms are said to have decreased as the effect of contaminants entering the body gradually diminished. IICT scientists suspect that last month’s floods may have made people sick with an elusive disease in Eluru. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places. Samples collected from the victims are being tested for two days at IICT, CCMB and NIN in Hyderabad. NIN scientist JJ Babu said a preliminary report would be released on Friday. He said the report would be sent to ICMR. So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. It is said that the effect on the body varies from person to person regardless of the dose of lead in the blood. The causes of the strange disease are likely to be known on Friday and Saturday. Source