Eluru illness .. 13 more people to the hospital

Eluru: Another 13 people have contracted a strange disease in Eluru in West Godavari district. They are being treated at a hospital. This was revealed by the state medical health department. This brings the number of people infected with the disease to 609. While 32 patients are being treated at Eluru Government Hospital, 543 have been discharged so far. Of those whose condition is a bit alarming, 33 have been shifted to Vijayawada and Guntur hospitals for better treatment.

Authorities in the area collected samples and sent them for testing to determine the cause of the strange disease. Central teams believe that heavy metals such as lead, nickel, pesticide residues and organochlorines may be the cause of the disease. Research by Delhi Aims, IICT and NIN teams has shown that they can enter the body of victims through food, drinking water, milk, vegetables and celery. Read these .. Disease Severity Decreases: DCHS Mohan Organo Chlorine Valle!