Eluru incident is not a disease … only a reaction: AP Medical and Health Commissioner

AP Medical and Health Commissioner Bhaskar also took part in the review conducted by CM Jagan on the Eluru incident. On this occasion, he briefed the CM on the Eluru incident based on the call reports. In Eluru, West Godavari district, it was felt that the disease was not the cause of the serious illness of the people and it was felt that people were hospitalized due to the reaction. He, however, said that there were clear reasons for the deterioration in public health. Reports say there was no problem with the drinking water, and doubts remain over the diet. He said there were suspicions that lead and nickel may be present in the diet of people and that this may be due to the presence of any pesticide residue. Bhaskar explained that the Pollution Control Board report revealed that there was no pollution in the gallon either. He said people feel reacted to due to some harmful factors. However, he said it would take another four days for people to know the reasons that led to the reaction. Source