Eluru: Is this city in great danger?

7 hours ago for V. ShankarBBC Photo source, Mahesh Kolleru The city of Eluru, the gateway to beauty, is now in the news across the country. About 600 people have been hospitalized in four days and the cause of their deaths is still unknown. People say there is no need to worry. Government sources said that all possible steps are being taken to resolve the issue. Photo source: Mahesh More time to come to clarity New victims are less likely to come to the hospital in Eluru. After four days of stirring up the registration of new cases was almost under control. At the same time the victims also almost recovered. Of the total 600 victims, three lost their lives. Among the two victims who died at Vijayawada hospital were other problems such as corona and lung problems, AP medical and health officials said. A total of 570 people have been discharged and another 30 are being treated at various hospitals. CCMB, AIMS, WHO, NIN, ICMR teams are conducting field research in Eluru. Samples were collected and sent to laboratories in Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad. Medical experts say it will take another week or so for the full resolution to emerge from the preliminary report. Photo source, Mahesh Not a problem today Eluru drinking water pollution problem has been around for a long time. There have been serious concerns about drinking water pollution for less than 30 years. In the late 1980s, the then city government decided to control the flow of sewage into the Krishna Canal from Vijayawada. The then mayor Venkateswara Rao officially announced that a special plan has been prepared for it at a cost of crores of rupees. Residents of Eluru say that Anand’s promise to take steps to control the sewage of Vijayawada city, especially in the Eluru canal, is still unfulfilled. KB Rao, the manager of a charity based in Eluru, spoke to the BBC about the issue. Photo source, Mahesh: “Initially, we only got water from the Krishna Canal. While Krishna water was being used for drinking purposes, there was a serious concern about the waste that contaminated it. Finally, the then Vijayawada city administration hopes that the decision will bring relief. But to no avail. Even after that, things did not go well except for repeated words. The government has been asked several times but no action has been taken. Eventually the water was diverted through the Godavari canal but to no avail. Like the Krishna Canal, Eluru is the last point of the Godavari Canal. Sewers and other wastes meet directly in many places in the stream that starts from the two rivers. There is no control over them. The Godavari canal from Dhavaleswaram is in the same situation. The people of Eluru are now experiencing their consequences. Now these consequences are only a warning. If not taken care of, there is a serious threat, ” he said. ” A big danger is lurking. Tammileru, which flows like Eluru city, was once clean. But, now it is full of sewage. Looks like it’s being used to move sewage to Koller. Locals say the motors at the water pumping point towards Kolleru are also out of order. Experts say there is no geographical possibility for an underground drainage system in Eluru. Retired SEP Veerabhadranavu, who worked in the municipal department, told the BBC that sewage containing hazardous waste was being dumped around Eluru. “Kolleru is completely affecting Eluru. But now Kolleru has been completely turned into aqua ponds. Governments have been left to fend for themselves in the name of generating revenue. As a result pollution has intensified. Sewage already coming from Vijayawada city through Krishna canal. Apart from that, the milk factory, two sugar factories, Gudivada town and Eluru city all the sewage is coming together in one place. When the floods come through Tammileru, Ramileru, Budameru, the rest of the time only sewage is coming. There is no doubt that not only the canal water but also the ground water in the area will be polluted. That is why the Kolleru coast, along with Eluru, is facing a similar problem in most parts of the West Godavari district, ”he added. Says. He was previously on the research committee on water quality conducted under the auspices of the Central Government Department of Science and Technology. The details were told to the BBC. From 2015 to 2017, water samples were collected in about 250 villages. We also examined canal water in several places. Almost all drinking and cultivating water was contaminated. The rules were violated, mainly in the case of aquaculture. Management failures have now forced almost everyone to buy and use water from Arvo plants. At the same time aquaculture has expanded almost 60 percent in the delta. As a result, even drinking and cultivating water turned out to be unusable. There are many problems, mainly due to the high prevalence of coli. More and more people are suffering from cancer, liver problems and ulcers. At present, it is imperative to identify the causes of the deteriorating situation and take preventive measures. B. Balaram, state leader of the farmers’ association, opined that it was imperative to bring to light the root of the problem in Eluru at present and look for solutions. “The problem is only in the city of Eluru. Yet in many places, double the number of people with similar problems at some level. Already brain, kidney and lung related problems are on the rise in the district. Water pollution is the cause of all of them. Problems are coming to the people due to the crops being cultivated with polluted waters. The same water enters people’s bodies in the form of milk through drinking animals. The problem is exacerbated by industrial wastes, urban sewage as well as chemicals that have increased due to aquaculture. Implications will come if the government agrees to temporary measures. The water problem must be solved with long-term strategies. The solution is to try it in good faith. There will be protection for the health of the people, ”he said. He told the BBC: “Preliminary reports have not confirmed the exact outcome. There are suspicions like lead, nickel. The effect of pesticides also needs to be considered. Different teams are doing research from many angles. The government is ready for comprehensive action in this regard. We are taking steps not to compromise on drinking water. The problem was confined to a few divisions in Eluru. The reasons for that also need to be found. The government is ready to take any action after all these are answered. We will prioritize public health, ”he said. Photo caption, the severity of the problem in the hospital, the severity of the problem should be adapted … Doctors say that the long-term effects are certain, although the death toll in the Eluru incident is low and the victims are being discharged from the hospital in a short period of time. Dr M Tulsiram, from Eluru, told the BBC: “Many cancer-causing chemicals are more likely to enter the body directly in and around Eluru. Those who drank Arvo plant water and municipal water, as well as those who drank bore water, now have the same reason for this problem. Groundwater is also contaminated with hazardous chemicals. Some of them are involved in animal feed and their evolution and effect is increasing after they enter humans through the fats in milk. Once such a risk is reached in the fat they reach the danger level in a short period of time. The solution is to take steps to nominally reduce the impact of hazardous chemicals on drinking water management. Sewage should be controlled from entering fresh water drains under any circumstances. Otherwise there is a risk that the damage will be severe after that. ” Also read:Source